Who Are The Ood and What Is Their History in Doctor Who? (Video)

the ood

The Doctor Who TARDIS Index Files put together by the BBC are excellent, as they are short, compact, easy to understand explanations of who each of the ‘monsters’ in Doctor Who are, their histories and where they came from.

The BBC releases a new video about a new Doctor Who monster every month, with the latest TARDIS Index File on the Ood released this week.

Called “Who Are The Ood?“, the video starts off by explaining that the Ood are a species of telepathic humanoid native to the Ood sphere, and that their home planet is in the same system as the Sense sphere, which is the home of the Sensorites.


While the Ood usually communicate with each other through telepathy, they also carry a translation device, which allows them to communicate with any other species.

Sadly, though, the translation device itself used to be connected to another brain that the Ood carried in their hands. This brain was amputated by humans when they decided to make the Ood their slaves.

They managed to do this by discovering the main Ood brain, and stopping it from communicating with the Ood. Once this happened, the Ood were no longer able to communicate with each other telepathically, and were trapped for centuries as slaves of humankind.

Then The Doctor and Donna, his then assistant, found the Ood brain and freed it, freeing the Ood from their human masters at the same time.

For the rest of the Ood’s story, as well as how they in turn helped The Doctor in his time of need, watch the BBC Tardis Index file on the species below. It’s everything you need to know about the Ood in less than two minutes.



Michelle Topham