Who are the Silurians? The Doctor Who TARDIS Index File Will Remind You

the silurians doctor who

You know how it is after you have watched so many Doctor Who episodes. Sometimes you get a little confused about who the monsters are, and what it is that is particularly special about them.


That is why the folks over at Doctor Who are putting together a monthly ‘TARDIS Index File’ of who certain monsters are. Starting with the first one on ‘The Silurians’.

So, who are the Silurians?

According to the Doctor Who TARDIS Index File, the Silurians ruled Earth millions of years before human beings even existed. But Silurian scientists predicted a planet was going to smash into Earth so they went into hibernation thousands of feet underneath the Earth’s surface. The collision, of course, never happened as the planet was the Moon.

But the Silurians remained in their deep sleep for millennia afterwards, until they were eventually woken up by human beings around the world. And that’s when the trouble..and occasionally friendship (Madame Vastra)… began.

Watch the Doctor Who TARDIS Index File on the Silurians in the video below to find out more because, even if you’re a gigantic Doctor Who geek like I am, you still may have missed some Salurian lore.

Michelle Topham