Who Does Amy Adams Have a Girl Crush On? (Video)

amy adams girl crush conan

For many women around the world, actress Amy Adams is the woman they ‘girl crush’ on the most. But for Amy Adams herself, there are two actresses she admires so much she’s crushing more than most. So who does Amy Adams have a girl crush on?

On ‘Conan‘ this week, Adams confessed Holly Hunter was one of her major girl crushes (isn’t Hunter just about everyone’s favorite girl crush? I know she is mine), so she loved that she was able to star in her latest movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with her.


The Golden Globe-winning actress didn’t  have any scenes with Hunter, though, but she certainly made sure she talked to her.

“I got to talk to Holly a little bit, but then I couldn’t really talk because I love her so much that it’s hard. And then, every time I talk to her I’m afraid I’m going to start slipping into a southern accent” — because, of course, Holly Hunter has just about the strongest southern accent of any actress today.

But, it wasn’t Amy Adams’ girl crush over Holly Hunter that caused the most reaction of the evening.

Instead it was when co-star Gal Gadot, also a guest on ‘Conan‘ along with much of the rest of the cast of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, admitted she and Adams had gotten along so well they had “slept together”.

Cue gales of laughter from the cast, Conan and the audience.

Watch the video below to see her explain why.