Who voices Takina Inoue in Lycoris Recoil? A relative newcomer who is utterly superb

The original action anime series Lycoris Recoil has turned out to be one of the best anime of the Summer, 2022 season so far.


Not only for its riveting storyline, gorgeous art style, and cool action scenes, but also for its two awesome main characters — Chisato Nishikigi and Takina Inoue.

A few weeks ago, I looked at the voice actress who plays Chisato, so this week it is Takina’s turn as, man, don’t these two superb actresses do an amazing jobs bringing these fun characters to life?

So, who voices Takina Inoue in Lycoris Recoil, and which of your favorite anime series have you heard her in before?

Who voices Takina Inoue in Lycoris Recoil?

The superb Japanese voice actress who plays Takina Inoue is non other than Shion Wakayama (aka 若山 詩音), a relatively new member of the anime voice acting community, but one who has already managed to grab some of the best roles.

Inoue was born in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture on February 10th, 1998, so she is currently just 24-years-old.


Shion Wakayama’s official headshot

Wakayama is represented by Himawari Theater Group (official agency profile), which she joined at the astoundingly young age of just 3-years-old, with her first anime role as Aoi Aioi in the CloverWorks film Her Blue Sky in 2019.

Some of Shion Wakayama’s most well-known anime roles include:

  • Hinata Mukai in Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise (2019)
  • Shizuka Nanahoshi in Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (2021)
  • Cosette Schneider/Destiny in Takt. Op Destiny (2021)
  • Mai Kawai in Police in a Pod (2022)
  • Tomono Kojou in Akebi’s Sailor Uniform (2022)
  • Azura in Dr. Stone: Ryuusui (2022)

Wakayama has also voiced characters in video games like Azur Lane and World Flipper.

Listen to Shion Wakayama voicing Takina Inoue in Lycoris Recoil in the show’s trailer below, and you will quickly hear why she has been so successful so fast.

And man, if you haven’t started watching Lycoris Recoil yet, you really must. Along with featuring some of the best waifus in anime, it’s just so damned good!


Michelle Topham