Whoever Steals This Book Vol 1 manga now out with Vol 2 on pre-order

I have to admit, I just ordered the fantasy mystery manga Whoever Steals This Book, Volume 1 as the title of the  manga reminded me of the iconic 1971 book Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman — an anti-government book that likely had more copies stolen than it sold.

The Whoever Steals This Book, Volume 1 manga, however, has nothing to do with the 1971 classic, but instead is about a girl who hates books.

Its title still grabbed my attention, though, and maybe that’s the point?

What is Whoever Steals this Book plot?

The Whoever Steals This Book manga (aka Kono Hon wo Nusumu Mono wa in Japan) is written by Nowaki Fukamidori and illustrated by Kakeru Sora, with Volume 1 just releasing in English via Yen Press on February 20th, 2024.

Its plot, far different from Abbie Hoffman’s book the manga’s title is likely somewhat based on, tells the story of high school student Mifuyu who isn’t a book lover at all.

As Yen Press describes the Whoever Steals This Book plot, it’s quite a bit more complicated than that:

Descended from a long line of book collectors, high school student Mifuyu is surrounded by books in every aspect of her life. Her great-grandfather established the famous Mikura Hall, a library in the heart of town, and even the townspeople are all avid readers.

There’s just one problem—Mifuyu hates books!

But when a thief in Mikura Hall triggers an ancient curse, she’s left with no choice but to reclaim the stolen books herself…by entering the very stories she despises!

With the help of the mysterious Mashiro, will she be able to restore her great-grandfather’s collection and save her town from a magical doom?

The first volume of the manga is one of a series, with Volume 2 of Whoever Steals This Book due out by Yen Press on June 18th.

Grab Whoever Steals This Book, Volume 1 in English via Yen Press now.

The manga is 184 pages, and is a 5″x7.5″ trim volume.

Grab it now on Yen Press and, while you’re at it, pre-order Volume 2 on the usual platforms via Yen Press, as this one is cute.

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