Why Did Apple’s Tim Cook Come Out as Gay? He Tells Stephen Colbert (Video)

tim cook coming out as gay stephen colbert

Apple CEO Tim Cook was on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert yesterday where he talked about coming out as gay.

And, while Colbert started the subject off hilariously by asking “You yourself came out as gay recently. Was that an upgrade, or just a feature that had not been turned on?”, and of course he made Cook laugh, but the real answer he got from him was also quite surprising.

As Tim Cook said he had decided to come out as gay for one big reason. On his desk at work, he has a photo of Martin Luther King and one of Robert Kennedy — his two main heroes —  and one Dr. King quote in particular has always gotten to him — “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others?”

He then went on to say, it became clear to him kids were getting bullied in school, discriminated against and disclaimed by their own parents and all because they were gay.

In response, he decided to come out as he felt, even though he values his privacy, in this instance he was valuing it too much. To the detriment of what he felt he could do for others.

Watch Tim Cook talking to Stephen Colbert in the video below. And don’t you have to admire someone like that?

After all, even being as high up in a company as he is, he still had no guarantees his coming out would be dealt with positively. But he did it anyway.


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