Why Does Bernie Sanders Think He Is Popular With Young People? (Video)

bernie sanders young voters

Why is Bernie Sanders so popular with young people? That’s something Seth Meyers wanted to know when Bernie appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night. So he asked him.

According to Sanders, “I think it is younger people looking out in the world with a sense of idealism. And they’re saying we can do much better. We can, and must, deal with climate change for example. And if we don’t, the planet we are going to be leaving to our kids and our grand children is going to be a planet in a lot of trouble”.

He went on to talk about how young people are also leaving college or graduate school in major debt. And they’re asking “Why is it that because we did the right thing, we went out and got an education, why are we going to be in debt for decades just to pay this thing off?”

Bernie said “When I talk about the need to make public colleges and universities tuition free, I think that resonates with a lot of young people”.

Sanders also explained the huge numbers of young people supporting him has surprised him right from the beginning, when his campaign started having rallies and enormous crowds of young adults started showing up.

But he did also point out it’s not just young people that are supporting the Bernie Sanders campaign.

“When we talk about young people, though, don’t think it’s only 20 year olds. In almost all of the exit polls, we are winning people 45 years of age or younger.”

All I know is he has my support.

Watch Bernie talking about his supporters in the Seth Meyers video below.

Michelle Topham