Why Does Comedian Jack Whitehall Not Have an OBE? He Tells Graham Norton (Video)

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Why does British comedian Jack Whitehall not have an OBE yet? Is he upset about it? Would he like one, and who does Jack Whitehall know who already has one while he doesn’t?


All of these questions, and more, were answered last night when Jack Whitehall appeared on The Graham Norton Show with actor Ewan McGregor (OBE) and race car driver Lewis Hamilton (MBE).

Because, yes, Whitehall was the only person on that couch that does not have an honor bestowed upon them by the Queen.

The entire conversation about OBEs and MBEs, however, was hilarious. Lewis Hamilton told what happened to him when he had to sit next to the Queen at lunch, and Ewan McGregor explained how a London taxi driver tried to spoil his Buckingham Palace OBE presentation.

As usual, Graham Norton has the funniest talk show on TV.

Watch Jack Whitehall, Ewan McGregor and Lewis Hamilton below, and you will soon see why.

Michelle Topham