Why You Should Never Watch Ellen DeGeneres Videos

Ellen DeGeneres and ice bucket challenge

In recent months, I had to institute a new, strict rule for myself. That I’m never ever ever ever allowed to watch Ellen DeGeneres videos (something, which, by my latest post, you’ll see I’m not too good at following).

That’s because, if I click on just one Ellen DeGeneres video, I can guarantee whatever I planned on doing that day just goes out the window, as three hours go by and……I’m still watching.

Whether it’s Ellen DeGeneres doing the Ice Bucket Challenge:


Ellen interviewing Emma Watson about the Oscars (Oh God, don’t you just love how Ellen laughs, and isn’t Emma just the sweetest girl)

Or Jennifer Aniston finding out about what drives Portia nuts about being married to Ellen while, of course, Ellen is still sitting there.


Ellen is simply funny, sweet, smart, kind and captivating. She has that sense of humour that is never nasty about anyone else, never makes fun at someone else’s expense, and never does anything that makes you cringe while you’re watching her.

That’s why I (try) never to watch Ellen DeGeneres videos as, if I do, she takes over my life.

Michelle Topham