Will Eugent Bushpepa and ‘Mall’ qualify for Eurovision 2018 Final for Albania?

Singer songwriter Eugent Bushpepa was chosen to represent Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 on Saturday during Albania’s national selection competition Festivali i Këngës 56. He will be singing his self-written song ‘Mall‘.

Since the televised national selection on Saturday night, Bushpepa has been getting great press from his home country, both about ‘Mall’ and his voice.

After all, a lot of Albanians seem to be a bit sick of the usual female solo singers and the power ballads they have been sending to Eurovision in the last few years. Especially as most of them have not done particularly well.

So, will Eugent Bushpepa and ‘Mall‘ qualify for the Eurovision 2018 final, and does he have a chance of actually winning the entire competition?

Of course, there is no way of telling whether ‘Mall’ stands any chance of winning Eurovision. Especially as it is the first song to have been announced for the 2018 competition so far.

On top of that, the song is in Albanian and is over four and a half minutes long. That means it all depends on if the song stays in Albanian (most people are hoping it will), and what it sounds like when it has been revamped down to the Eurovision three minute limit.

Still, at first hearing, the song is powerful, has a memorable melody and Bushpepa has a gorgeous voice. His performance during Albania’s national selection on Saturday night was spectacular as well, so he is likely to give a similarly fabulous performance during his Eurovision semi-final.

In other words, as of now and on his and ‘Mall’s‘ merit merit alone, I would say Albania stands quite a good chance of qualifying for the 2018 Eurovision final, because it is definitely one of the better Eurovision songs I’ve heard in the last few years. Depending, of course, on how stiff the competition turns out to be.

Watch Eugent Bushpepa singing ‘Mall’ in his official video for the song below to see if you agree. Plus, don’t miss his lovely live performance during Albania’s national final below that.



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