Will Ferrell Sings ‘Danny Boy’ on David Letterman to Warn About Snakes (Video)

will ferrell snakes danny boy letterman


Will Ferrell was on the Late Show with David Letterman for St. Patrick’s Day, where he sang his version of ‘Danny Boy‘. A version that was basically nothing more than Will Ferrell’s message “Beware of snakes”.

Ferrell was on the Late Show, dressed up as a leprechaun in honor of Ireland’s St. Patrick’s Day, but also talking about St. Patrick and how, in legend, he was credited with having banished all the snakes from Ireland. So, Will Ferrell said, every St. Patrick’s Day, he gets dressed up as a leprechaun and walks the streets of New York to make sure people know about the dangers of snakes.


Dangers that were then sung about in Ferrell’s version of ‘Danny Boy‘.

And, yes, while Will Ferrell is mighty silly here, he’s also hilarious to watch as his comedic timing is so spot on, and his ability to hold his mood without cracking a smile and ruining the joke is so perfect, you can see why he has always been so successful.

Watch him below.

Michelle Topham