World Dai Star key visual features all 7 aspiring actresses and they are so cute!

Kokona and Shizuka in the World Dai Star trailer

A new and very cute key visual for the upcoming anime series World Dai Star has just been released (see below), along with a trailer.

The latest World Dai Star key visual features all seven of the aspiring main stage actresses all dressed up in their stage outfits, and looking as adorable as you would expect.


The accompanying trailer, which was uploaded to the Bandai Namco-owned EMOTION YouTube channel earlier today, introduces each of the seven girls — Chisa Sasuga, Noa Hiiragi, Panda Yanagiba, Yae Niizuma, Shizuka, Kathrina Griebel, and Kokona Otori.

Each of the talented voice actresses who play them is also introduced.

The video also shows snippets of the girls’ individual stage performances.


New World Dai Star key visual features all seven aspiring stage actresses

World Dai Star is a performing arts-theme anime that is part of a new mixed media project written by iconic Japanese novelist Takahiro (known for works like Yuki Yuna is a Hero and Akame ga Kill!).

It follows 16-year-old Kokona Otori (front and center in the new World Dai Star key visual), whose goal in life is to become a ‘World Dai Star’ or ‘star actress’ in a theatre company she obsesses over belonging to.

As Kokona is accepted in the company, the anime also follows the other girls whose dreams are similar to her own.

The anime segment of the World Dai Star project is being directed by Yuu Kinome (Idoly Pride), with scripts by Ooine Ezaki (The Rising of the Shield Hero), and character designs from Majiro (Ryman’s Club).

She is also the anime’s chief animation director.

Studio Lerche (Given) is in charge of animation.

The World Dai Star anime (known as ワールドダイスター or Wārudo Dai Sutā in Japan) will premiere on April 9th, with a mobile game, and a manga coming out later in 2023.

Watch the just released World Dai Star trailer for a quick glimpse at these talented girls, and enjoy the latest World Dai Star key visual above.

The art style in both of them is beautiful, so the upcoming anime may just be one to watch.