World of Warcraft Auction House Hacked, Blizzard Tells Users ‘Reset Your Account’

Blizzard has confirmed World of Warcraft’s auction house has been hacked with possibly millions of WOW accounts now compromised. So bad is the massive attack, Blizzard is sending out emails to everyone signed up with World of Warcraft and who may have been hacked giving instructions on how to reset their accounts and recommending they do so — quickly.

The World of Warcraft hack apparently took place several days ago when hackers managed to access thousands of WOW accounts through a bug in the mobile armory app. Once in, they stole gold from the accounts, funneled gold through the accounts in order to use it to buy high-priced items, or just stole the high-value items already in certain accounts and then sold them off to other people.

Of course, millions of WOW players already have the Battle.Net authentication tool installed, as recommended by Blizzard but, in this case, it has proven quickly what a completely useless tool it can be as many players are now reporting, even with the tool installed, their accounts were still hacked.

If your WOW account has been hacked, you’ve had stuff stolen and you don’t receive an email from Blizzard telling you how to reset your account, you can find out more about what to do at’s blog.