Would Osgood Be the Perfect Companion for Doctor Who? Oh Yes (Video)

osgood doctor who companion

With last night’s episode of Doctor Who, (Series 9, episode 8 “The Zygon Inversion“) ending with the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) asking Osgood if she wants to go into the TARDIS, and Osgood refusing because she has “boxes to take care of”, the BBC has published a video that asks “Would Osgood be the perfect companion for Doctor Who?”.

And can I just say — Yes. Yes. Yes. And, hell, yes.

Because, let’s face it, whether Osgood ultimately ends up being a human or a Zygon, (because you know we will eventually find out) I’m guessing hardly anybody in the Doctor Who fandom really cares.

She’s just Osgood. She’s smart, she’s interesting, she’s super super cool, she knows just about everything there is to know about the Doctor, and she would be a wonderful companion for him.

Which also leaves me wondering, if the BBC is asking “Would Osgood be a good companion for the Doctor?”, is there a good chance they are actually considering it?

After all, Clara (Jenna Coleman) is leaving Doctor Who this sometime during series 9, and a new companion has to come from somewhere. Wouldn’t it be lovely if it was her?

Watch the Osgood video from the BBC below, and then also peep in at the one beneath that where actress Ingrid Oliver, who plays Osgood, makes the statement we would all probably make if we were asked as well “Why wouldn’t you go in the TARDIS?”




Michelle Topham