Would You Like a Titanfall Single-Player Mode? Respawn Says You’re Out of Luck

Now I usually only play single-player games with a very occasional multi-player game thrown in, so a new comment from Respawn’s Vince Zampella is very odd. According to Vince, Respawn didn’t make a Titanfall single-player mode because, if they had, most players would either rush through it in 8 minutes or they wouldn’t finish it at all. So……Respawn decided not to bother. Huh?

Zampella also went on to say, as a “small startup” with just over 60 developers (I don’t call that small, I don’t know about you?), they simply didn’t have the manpower available to spend months creating a single-player Titanfall mode when so much time was being spent on the multi-player mode of the game. The players’ loss, it seems.

Weirdly, however, it looks like they are still charging a $60 price-tag for Titanfall — a game that, without single-player, is technically only half a game. Sorry, Vince, I think I’ll pass.

Sadly too, after reading comments on other sites from gamers also disappointed there won’t be any Titanfall single-player mode, I’d hazard a guess at least 40 percent of gamers feel the same way I do — ie: no Titanfall single-player mode, no buy.


In fact, it looks to me like Respawn might be shooting their own FPS in its very own foot before it even hits store shelves. Too bad, as Titanfall really does look awesome.

Michelle Topham