Xbox One Box Revealed at E3: I Care Even Less Than the PS4 Box

And on the same lines as this, apparently Microsoft revealed the Xbox One box at E3 today. I care even less than I do about the PS4 box, if that’s even possible.

Besides, sure, the Xbox One box might look nicer than the PlayStation 4 box, but it still holds a console that’s 100 bucks more expensive, comes loaded with DRM, requires internet access at least once a day, won’t let you play used games or old games without paying a fee and, oh yeah, makes you sign a form saying you agree not to sue Microsoft in a class-action lawsuit (that’s how much confidence Microsoft has in the Xbox One – they already know you’re going to want to sue them after you’ve wasted your money buying it).

The Xbox One box could be covered in gold. I still wouldn’t buy it. How about you?

Meanwhile, you can pre-order the PlayStation 4 on GameStop – A much better console, a cheaper console and DRM-free. I’d order fast though if I was you.  Most gaming companies have already sold out of their pre-order ‘Launch’ models in just two days.

Michelle Topham