Yogscast Race for the Wool: I’m Addicted to Yogscast, Help! (Video)

I’m addicted to The Yogscast and their Race for Wool – what’s wrong with me?

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me this week, but I’m obsessed with The Yogscast. It’s not just The Yogscast’s funny Minecraft videos, and the weird stuff they do, I’m even obsessed with the cartoon characters decorating everything they put up.

The Yogscast Race for the Wool video, though, has been one of my favorite Yogscast videos in a while. It features two teams — The Yogscast and the Hat Films guys plus Simon, and a classic map where the object is to find as much wool as you can. Yep. Wool.

No racing for gold, swords, damsels in distress or other classic fantasy treasure here. Nope, just wool. What makes it laugh out loud funny, though, is it also features perma-death and a quick trip right back to the beginning of the map, and these guys? They die — a lot.

Check out the first Yogscast Race for the Wool video below. It’s classic The Yogscast and so funny.


Michelle Topham