Watch You are Ms. Servant trailer as Hitoyoshi meets Yuki for the first time

The upcoming anime You are Ms. Servant has just received a teaser trailer, a new visual and an announcement of the main cast and staff via the anime’s official website.

The comedy anime’s premiere date — October, 2024 — was also announced.

And, while the information released so far is minimal, the You are Ms. Servant trailer does give us a quick glimpse of the first time Hitoyoshi meets Yuki, as she appears on his doorstep asking if he will hire her.

We then see a very short snippet of Yuki throwing a variety of knives against a tree, which might suggest Yuki the Maid may just be a little different than who she appears.

In the new You are Ms. Servant visual (check it out below), Yuki is also brandishing one of the same knives.


New You are Ms. Servant visual featuring Yuki holding a knife
New You are Ms. Servant visual

The You are Ms. Servant cast and staff

The comedy anime’s only cast members announced so far are the main leads — the phenomenal Reina Udea (Lemon in Mashle) who is voicing Yuki, and Toshiki Kumagai (who at still only 16-years old has already starred as Yuuhi in Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Go Rush!!) as Hitoyoshi.

The staff includes director Ayumu Watanabe (Children of the Sea), Deko Akao (Komi Can’t Communicate) who is in charge of scripts and series composition, and Tomoyasu Kurashima (IS: Infinite Stratos) as character designer.

FelixFilm (Aharen-san wa Hakarenai) is in charge of anime production.

Where to buy the You are Ms. Servant manga series in English?

The You are Ms. Servant anime series (aka Kimi wa Meido-sama in Japan) is based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Shotan.

As of January, the manga has seven volumes out in Japan, with no announcement yet as to if it/when it will get an English translation outside Asia.

Singaporean publishing company Shogakukan Asia, who is publishing the manga in English in Southeast Asia, has this to say about the You are Ms. Servant plot:

This is the story of a maid who is all alone in the world, but who finally finds a family.

Hitoyoshi Yokoya is a high school student who currently lives alone. One day, an unfamiliar girl knocks on his door and offers to be his maid. She reveals that she is a former assassin, which makes Hitoyoshi nervous. But when her skills save him from being run over by a truck, Hitoyoshi ultimately decides to take her in.

However, the mysterious girl actually has no household skills. In fact, her only expertise is assassination, as she has lived her entire life for the sake of killing. Nonetheless, her time with Hitoyoshi allows her to experience new emotions she had never felt before, inspiring her to become a regular girl.

Desperate to get the manga in an English translation?

As Shogakukan Asia does not directly sell their manga, you’ll have to contact one of the bookstores who sell their manga, and find out who ships internationally (Singapore has a couple!).

While you’re waiting for your volumes to arrive, watch the just-released You are Ms. Servant trailer below, and see Yuki asking to become a maid so she can join Hitoyoshi’s family.



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