Young Lady Albert is Courting Disaster manga now on J-Novel Club – a cute comedy shoujo manga worth a read

The Young Lady Albert is Courting Disaster manga is now available on J-Novel Club and, if you enjoy a good comedy shoujo manga, this is one you should probably check out.


Young Lady Albert is Courting Disaster tells the story of Mary Albert, the daughter of a powerful duke who has a strange ambition — to orchestrate her own downfall.


As J-Novel Club explains about the plot:

On the day of her school entrance ceremony, Mary realizes she’s living in an otome game she played in her past life. Not only that, but she’s the villainess, destined to torment the heroine, be expelled from noble society, and end her story in ruin. Most would do anything to avoid such a miserable fate, but not Mary! She cheerfully dives into the wicked role she was born to play, setting a course for catastrophe.

However, not all goes to plan. Despite her best efforts to bully and harass the heroine, Alicia, the gentle girl seems blind to Mary’s intentions, even coming to see her as a friend. What must our villainess do to achieve her dreams of doom?!

Read the first chapter of the Young Lady Albert is Courting Disaster manga on J-Club for free now.

You can also pre-order Volume 1 of the digital manga, which will be released in January, 2023.

Michelle Topham