YouTuber Gabi DeMartino says VidCon is dangerous and warns people not to go

Gabi DeMartino says VidCon is dangerous and you should stay away

When it comes to going to large events in the U.S., I am one who would recommend staying away unless they have exceptionally good security. After all, with such loose gun laws in America, sporting events, concerts and events like VidCon are never going to be completely safe.

The idea that VidCon is dangerous is currently being highlighted by popular YouTube vlogger Gabi DeMartino, who has just uploaded a video about her frightening experience at VidCon with an older man in the audience.

A man VidCon’s security did nothing about, even though he was wearing a long black trench coat and carrying a binder full of photographs of Gabi DeMartino and her sister Niki. A man Gabi says was old enough to be their father.

DeMartino says she made the VidCon is dangerous video in response to many of her fans tweeting her or sending her DMs, asking why she no longer attends VidCon.

In response, DeMartino recorded an almost nine-minute video in which she documents what happened to her and her twin sister Niki at VidCon. An encounter with an older man who was obviously unhinged, and the refusal of VidCon security to do much about it at all.

Gabi DeMartino also commented that it wasn’t just she and her sister that had seen this man’s crazy behavior. Apparently, quite a number of people in the audience left when they heard him going off on a verbal tirade at a panel session the two sisters were involved in, and reaching for something beneath his coat.

People in the comments section of her YouTube video about VidCon say they were also at the event, and they can attest to what she said as they were some of the people who left.

Again, DeMartino said VidCon security did nothing.

DeMartino is so angry about what VidCon security did, or actually did not do, she is now warning people to stay away from the event as she believes it is dangerous.

I think VidCon is a very sneaky business. They don’t give a f*ck about their talent safety, and they don’t give a f*cuk about the people buying their tickets. Because if that guy had a gun, not only would we be in danger, but all the children in that room were in danger too.

So honestly VidCon, if you see this video, I don’t like your company, I don’t like what you guys do, I don’t like how phony and fake you guys are. All you care about is money, and people buying tickets….And you use creator’s faces ,but you don’t give a f*ck about them either.

She finished by saying “We love our subscribers. But we can meet our subscribers on much safer terms outside of VidCon”.

So, if you are going to VidCon, and worried about safety, you might want to think about what Gabi DeMartino is saying. As a company that does not even protect the safety of their content creators is sure as hell not going to care enough to protect yours.

Watch Gabi DeMartino’s video below to find out more about exactly what happened to her and her sister Niki at VidCon.

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