‘Z for Zacharia’ Director Chris Pine and Cast Talk About Movie at Sundance (Video)

z for zacariah cast and director


The post-apocalyptic drama Z for Zacharia‘ premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend, and director Craig Zobel, and cast Chris Pine, Margot Robbie and Chiwetel Ejiofor were there to talk to Variety about the film. 

Interestingly, even though it’s been sold as a ‘post-apocalyptic drama’, one of the first things Margot and Chris mentioned was that the movie really isn’t. In fact, ‘Z for Zacharia‘ is more about relationships and who people really are, and how they will behave when put in a difficult situation.

It’s also about forming a society, and secrets. Intriguing when you consider there are only three people in the entire movie along with, as far as we know, three people left on the entire planet.

Watch director Chris Pine and the cast of ‘Z for Zachariah‘ talking to Variety in the video below.