Zach Braff Says He’ll Never Crowdfund Another Movie, Even After ‘Wish I Was Here’ Success

zach braff crowdfunding movies

Actor and director Zach Braff says he will never crowdfund another movie, even after the successful raising of money for his latest movie ‘Wish I Was Here‘.

Braff was talking to The Off Camera Show recently, where he said not only would he never crowdfund another movie but that, if he had a time machine, he would never have crowdfunded the movie he did.

Braff explained it this way — “The debates I had to have, sometimes with informed people and that’s wonderful, if you want to have an informed debate about whether someone who has a fan base should crowdfund or not, that’s a wonderful, interesting debate to have.

But most of the time it was with people who didn’t really know their facts, and didn’t really understand film finance, and it was over the web, and they would just write such hateful things, and I thought I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Braff went on to say, “I would be a bad politician, because I don’t want to spend my life debating people. I just want to entertain people.”

And you have to agree he has a point. As if you look at most things on the Internet these days where people are allowed to comment or air their opinion, most of the time it’s nothing but ignorant comments from stupid, mean people who don’t usually even know what they are talking about. And, when you are on the receiving end of that, it’s hurtful.

Watch Zach Braff talk about crowdfunding in the video below. And can I just say, isn’t he just the cutest man and doesn’t everything he does come out so beautifully well?