Zoe Saldana: Being Green in Guardians of the Galaxy was Challenging (Video)

zoey saldana guardians of the galaxy gamora green paint

Zoe Saldana‘s latest movie role is playing the assassin Gamora in the upcoming ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘, a role she loved to play but one that she also found challenging. Why? According to Saldana, it’s all about being painted green.

That’s because being Gamora required getting up incredibly early every morning, five hours sitting in make-up while the green paint and prosthetics were applied, and then having to sit in that green paint and prosthetics for the entire day.


As Saldana said, “It wasn’t that much fun”. Although she then went on to admit “In the end, it was very rewarding”.

Watch Zoe Saldana talk about Gamora and Guardians of the Galaxy to ODE in the video below. And can I say, isn’t she lovely? So intelligent, level-headed and interesting.

Michelle Topham