Zynga to Lay Off More Employees in October, 2013? Analyst Says So

Once one of the most profitable game developers, Zynga has fallen so far with its financial stability as well as its reputation, that most Zynga employees must regret ever working for the company. Don’t worry, guys…….. it’s about to get worse. That’s because, according to industry analyst, Michael Pachter, more Zynga layoffs are coming and they could be as soon as next week.

Zynga, just in case you don’t remember, already laid off more than 500 employees earlier in the year. Its Facebook games are losing players to the tune of hundreds of thousands a month, shares are plumetting, and the company has been accused of stealing other developers’ ideas to create its casual games and then, of course, lying about it.


That’s why Zynga’s new CEO, Don Mattrick, has a huge task ahead of him — bringing the company back to profitability and improving its reputation. Pachter says that’s going to start with a new round of Zynga layoffs in October, 2013.

Personally, I don’t care who is CEO. I just hope Zynga disappears back into the cesspool it came from as the gaming industry doesn’t need a company with such terrible morals. I’m sure its employees don’t either.

Michelle Topham