Behind Your Touch Ep14 ratings SKYROCKET with 2.5 percent INCREASE over previous episode

Behind Your Touch, Episode 14 earns an almost 3 percent ratings increase in Seoul

The  Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, and Suho-led drama Behind Your Touch, Episode 14 aired in South Korea last night to skyrocketing ratings as the drama heads into its final weekend.

According to Nielsen Korea, those ratings were 9.61 percent nationwide, which is a huge increase (plus 2.56 percent) from the JTBC drama’s previous episode’s ratings of 7.05 percent.

In Seoul, the drama saw similarly skyrocketing ratings for Behind Your Touch, Episode 14, earning 10.41 percent of the audience share — a massive 2.90 percent increase from Episode 13.

Behind Your Touch conclusion is next weekend

The comedy drama’s final two episodes will air next Saturday — September 30th and October 1st — on JTBC at 22:30 (KST).

Until then, check out the JTBC  trailer for Episode 15 below. Yes, it is only available in Korean, but you should understand what’s going on.

For international audiences, you can watch the show’s final two episodes on Netflix where Behind Your Touch, Episode 14 is already airing in most regions.

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