Delivery Man, Episode 10 ratings show mystery drama has LARGEST audience yet

The Korean comedy mystery drama Delivery Man, Episode 10 ratings are out, and I am thrilled.

Not only did the drama earn a .4 percent higher share of the Korean national audience than its previous episode, the Delivery Man, Episode 10 ratings via Nielsen Korea also showed the drama gained its largest audience yet.

That audience was .2 percent higher last night than its first episode garnered back on March 1st.

This is wonderful news for what, I think, has been a quite unique mystery drama.

Especially as the final two episodes of Delivery Man will air next week.

Delivery Man stars Yoon Chan Young, Bang Min Ah, and Kim Min Seok, and tells the story of taxi driver Seo Young Min (played by Yoon Chan Young), who is suddenly haunted by the ghost of a young woman.

A woman who has no idea who she is, or when or why she died.

While trying to solve this mystery, other ghosts become unusually attracted to Young Min and his taxi.

Before he knows it, Young Min has become the driver of a “ghost taxi” that transports ghosts from place to place and helps them fulfill their final wishes.

The final two episodes of Ghost Taxi will air in South Korea on Wednesday, April 5th and Thursday, April 6th at 9 p.m. (KST).

They will stream soon after outside Korea via Viki.

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