Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End introduces troublemaker Übel and cautious but skilled Land in character videos

With a new story arc  — the First Class Mage Exam Arc — recently starting on Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, TOHO Animation has released character videos for two new characters involved in it — Übel and Land.


The Übel and Land character videos introduce the two magicians, with the scantily clad third class mage and massive troublemaker Übel wondering if she would kill you if she met you.

Then again, she is known for being someone who happily fights to the death, and doesn’t hesitate if she needs to kill someone.

Meanwhile the bespectacled and overly cautious second class mage Land, who sounds much more serious than Übel, tells you outright he doesn’t trust you.

And, because you are not good at magic, you don’t have to worry about killing him.

Because you won’t be able to.

After all, while he might assess his opponents weaknesses closely before he attacks, once he has committed himself, Land is rarely the loser.

Voice actor Ikumi Hasegawa voices Übel, while Shohei Komatsu voices Land.

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The Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime series is based on the manga written by Kanehito Yamada, and illustrated by Tsukasa Abe.

It is being directed by Keiichirou Saitou, with series composition by Tomohiro Suzuki and character designs by Reiko Nagasawa.

Madhouse is in charge of the series’ anime production, and they are doing a damn fine job.

Check out the Übel and Land character videos below, and watch the latest Frieren arc via Crunchyroll, who is currently streaming the anime for most of its international viewers.