Kim Jaejoong opens agency iNKODE with Cube Entertainment’s Noh Hyun Tae – will also represent other artists

South Korean singer songwriter actor and director Kim Jaejoong has left his agency C-JeS Studios, and announced he has opened his own agency — iNKODE.

The recently founded entertainment agency will represent all of his work going forward.

Kim Jaejoong (also known as J-Jun) is not going it alone, however, as in an announcement he also mentioned his partner in his new endeavour:

I have recently established a new agency called iNKODE together with now-CEO Noh Hyun Tae, the former vice president of Cube Entertainment.

Cube Entertainment, of course, is one of South Korea’s most prominent agencies having represented the likes of Choi Yu Jin, Pentagon, 4Minute, A Train to Autumn, Beast and CLC.

Anyone coming from that agency then is well-versed in how the Korean entertainment industry works, as well as likely to be highly experienced in dealing with international entities.

Why has Kim Jaejoong established iNKODE?

Of course, like most Korean artists who generally only give out the most pertinent information when it comes to business decisions they make, Kim Jaejoong has not announced much more than the above decision about forming his own agency.

Any artist who decides to form an agency, however, does so to establish more control over their own careers as well as, often, to be able to sign other artists and represent them as well.

Kim Jaejoong plans to definitely do the latter, as his new title is CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) of iNKODE, which will allow him to strategize and manage the careers of K-pop singers/bands and actors who are either already established and looking to move agencies, or new in the entertainment field and looking for a competent agency to manage them.

A lot of work for Kim Jaejoong you may think, but the now-37-year-old singer-songwriter has already proven in his 20-year very successful career he does not mind hard work.

In fact, when you look at Kim Jaejoong’s long career, he is one of the most prolific singers, actors and directors in South Korea.


Kim Jaejoong in Dr. Jin

Kim Jaejoong is one of South Korea’s hardest working artists

Kim started out his career at just 15-years-old when he auditioned for and was accepted by SM Entertainment.

Since then, he has been the lead vocalist of boy group TVXQ, and a member of the trio JYJ.

The talented Korean singer also launched his solo career in 2013 with huge success leading to record album and singles sales, as well as a recent concert tour of Asia.

Four of his seven released albums are in Japanese.

Not satisfied in just having a successful singing career, however, Kim Jaejoong decided he also wanted to act.

That decision has lead to starring roles in the Korean-Japanese film Heaven’s Postman, the Korean dramas Protect the Boss, Dr. Jin, Triangle, SPY and Manhole, and main roles in several movies. (You can currently watch some of Kim Jaejoong’s previous acting work on Viki)

Some of his acting work has also garnered him acting awards.

Kim has also been a participant in several South Korean entertainment shows, written a slew of songs, two cook books and launched his own fashion brand.

Yep, Kim Jaejoong is one of South Korea’s hardest working artists and, if I dare say it, a bit of a work-a-holic.

That being said, someone with that kind of drive to succeed is not only likely to run a very successful agency in iNKODE, but likely to work very hard for the artists the new agency represents.

Congratulations and good luck from me then.

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