Lee Do Yeop appearing in Flex X Cop as chief Park Chan Geon – a man with principles

The new Korea comedy crime drama Flex X Cop kicks off on Disney + today, and news out of Korea now confirms veteran actor Lee Do Yeop has been added to the cast. (Well, he’s already filmed the drama, but you know what I mean!).

According to his agency FN Entertainment, Lee Do Yeop has joined the cast of Flex X Cop as Park Chan Geon, chief of the homicide division at the Gangha Police Station and someone who clashes with spoiled chaebol turned detective Jin Yi Soo (played by Ahn Bo Hyun).

Park Chan Geon is a man with strong principles.

Principles that are soon put under stress when Jin Yi Soo joins the station, and doesn’t exactly do things the way regulations stress they should be done.

That’s why, in the first episode, the just-released stills show Jin Yi Soo dressed in a SWAT uniform and behind bars.  (see below)

Oh what a mess poor Lee Do Yeop will have to deal with, eh?


Photo courtesy SBS TV

Lee Do Yeop’s previous roles

The 51-year-old actor is known for a huge variety of guest and support roles in dramas like Oh My Ghost, Signal, Man to Man, Suspicious Partner and Prison Playbook.

Most recently, Lee Do Yeop has appeared in The Uncanny Counter, Hometown Cha Cha Cha, Love All Play, Little Women, Oh Youngsim!, The First Responders and The First Responders, Season 2.

His performance in Flex X Cop will not be his only one this year either, as the Korean actor will also appear in another drama — When the Bough Breaks — on JTBC.

You can first see Lee Do Yeop as Park Chan Geon in Flex X Cop tonight at 10pm on SBS in South Korea, or on Disney Plus outside the country.

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