Lee Sang Yi, Shin Min Ah, Kim Young Dae confirmed to star in drama Because I Want No Loss

Korean actors Lee Sang Yi, Shin Min Ah and Kim Young Dae are now confirmed to star in the upcoming rom-com Because I Want No Loss (working title).

The final three of the trio, Lee Sang Yi, had his agency GOODFRIENDS Company confirm his acceptance of the role in the drama earlier today.

The drama itself also sounds very promising as it has been written by Her Private Life writer Kim Hye Young, and is being directed by Strong Girl Namsoon director Kim Jung Shik.

What is Because I Want No Loss about?

While the K-drama’s working title is likely to change before the drama premieres, we do know a little about its plot.

The rom-com follows Son Ha Young (played by Shin Min Ah), who hates to lose at anything.

So, when a promotion comes up at work, she recruits Kim Ji Wook (Kim Young Dae) to be her fiance for a fake wedding to maximize her chances of getting it.

Meanwhile, Ji Wook, who works part-time at a convenience store, is the type of person who can’t ignore most people in need, except for with one person — Ha Young, a customer at the convenience store.

Weirdly, however, he still decides to become her fake fiance.

Because I Want No Loss will be the first drama for Lee Sang Yi since his starring role in the currently airing drama My Demon.

Shin Min Ah last starred in the dramas Our Blues and Hometown Cha Cha Cha, and will be reunited for the first time with Lee Sang Yi since both actors starred in Hometown Cha Cha Cha.

As for Kim Young Dae, the Korean actor’s latest project was as the main lead in the recently ended Moon in the Day.

We will keep you posted when more information about Because I Want No Loss is released.

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