Lee Tae Hwan to star in DNA Lover with Choi Si Won and Jung In Sun?

Lee Tae Hwan in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

With Korean actor and singer Lee Tae Hwan recently completing his mandatory military service, it is very likely the 28-year-old actor will now be in demand for drama roles.

One of those roles, it appears, is a main lead in the upcoming drama DNA Lover (working title) alongside Choi Si Won and Jung In Sun.

Korean news media is also reporting on a role in DNA Lover having been offered to Lee Tae Hwan, with the result that the actor’s agency, Man of Creation, has now confirmed he has received an offer and is “positively reviewing it”.

In past years, he starred in the dramas Pride and Prejudice, My Golden Life, Farming Academy, Touch and Father, I’ll Take Care of You.

Should Lee Tae Hwan accept the role in DNA Lover, it will be his first performance in a Korean drama since he played a supporting role in JTBC’s Thirty-Nine in early 2022.

The same year he also played a main role in the horror film Chiaksan Mountain.

The then-27-year-old actor enlisted in the Korean military in June of that year, and was just discharged in late December, 2023.

That means he is now wide-open to accept roles in any drama that interests him.

What is the K-drama DNA Lover about?

Meanwhile, Choi Si Won and Jung In Sun have both been confirmed as joining the DNA Lover cast.

The K-drama itself is written by Born Again writer Jung Soo Mi, and is being directed by Sung Chi Wook (Tomorrow).

It tells the story of a genetic researcher who has never been lucky when it comes to love, so she decides to find her life partner with the use of DNA instead.

As for Lee Tae Hwan, remind yourself how adorably cute he is via his agency’s recently released video of the actor re-introducing himself now he has finished his military service. (below)

Hear what it’s like finally being out of the military too!


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