Moving’s Kim Do Hoon to star in Acquaintances drama with Han Ji Min and Lee Joon Hyuk

Korean actor Kim Do Hoon’s main standout role last year was playing one of the 11 main characters in the massively successful Disney + K-drama Moving.

The still only 25-year-old actor also had a supporting role in SBS TV’s The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival, for which he won a Best Actor award at the SBS Drama Awards last December.

Now, with today’s news of Kim Do Hoon accepting a main role in the upcoming SBS romance drama Acquaintances, alongside Han Ji Min and Lee Joon Hyuk, it appears 2024 may just turn out to be another superb year for the Korean actor.

And for the fans who love his work.

The actor’s agency SEM Company confirmed he will be starring in Acquaintances earlier today.

Kim Do Hoon’s co-stars in Acquaintances

Acquaintances (also alternatively titled Between Greetings or 인사하는 사이 in Korean) follows Kang Ji Yoon (played by Han Ji Min), the CEO of a headhunting firm, who is brilliant at her job but pretty much terrible at everything else.

The person in her life she can count on to counteract her ineptitude is her male secretary Yoo Eun Ho (Lee Joon Hyuk). A single father who is not only able to manage his boss’s life, but also his own and that of his young child.

Kim Do Hoon plays Woo Jung Hoon who, according to Korean news media, is from a rich family and who, while he appears immature on the outside due to conflicting emotions about his father, actually has a personality that exudes a unique charm.

No details have yet been released, however, as to what bearing Jung Hoon will have on the main story, or when Acquaintances itself will premiere.

We’ll keep you informed as more information is released.

Kim Do Hoon’s previous drama and movie roles

As for Kim Do Hoon, while the actor started out his career as a model, he has been very active in the acting business since 2018.

He has appeared in dramas like My Absolute Boyfriend, Here’s My Plan, Today’s Webtoon, Dark Hole and The Law Cafe, and in movies like Gate, Days of Wrath 2, The Faceless Boss, Boys Be! and The Hypnosis.

His most well-known and most-loved role to date, though, is as super strong and super fast Lee Gang Hoon in Moving.

Kim Do Hoon spoke about playing that role at length in a Lifestyle Asia interview.

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