New Ms. Apocalypse poster out featuring frumpy factory worker – film out in January, 2024

There is a new poster out for the upcoming South Korean film Ms. Apocalypse (see below),

The Ms. Apocalypse poster features protagonist Kim Young Mi (played by Lee Yoo Young), a frumpy accounting manager at a factory who falls in love with a married man after he is one of the few people to show her any kindness.

When Kim Young Mi discovers the man Do Yeong (Noh Jae Won) is embezzling money, she does everything she can to cover his crime.


New Ms. Apocalypse poster

Unfortunately for Young Mi her involvement means, when he is finally arrested for the crime, she is also arrested and imprisoned for “aiding him”.

The story doesn’t end there, however, as when Young Mi is released from prison a few months later, she is met by Do Yeong’s handicapped wife Yoo Jin (Im Seon Woo), and soon the pair have struck up an unlikely friendship.

Cast and crew of Ms. Apocalypse 

Ms. Apocalypse (Korean title — 세기말의 사랑) is directed by Im Seon Ae (An Old Lady) who also wrote the film’s script.

It stars the aforementioned Lee Yoo Young and Noh Jae Won,  alongside Im Seon Woo and Jang Sung Yoon.

The 1-hour-56-minute long Ms. Apocalypse is due to hit Korean movie theaters on January 24th, 2024.

Watch the film’s trailer below.


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