Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Dong Hwi, and Yoo Soo Bin to star in Deal – new Wavve drama based on popular webtoon

Fans of Korean actors Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Dong Hwi, and Yoo Soo Bin will be happy this week, now that a new drama starring all three of the popular young actors has been announced.

The drama is called Deal, revolves around a fake kidnapping involving three men in their 20s, and is based on the popular Naver webtoon of the same name.

Probably the most famous of the three, Yoo Seung Ho (My Strange Hero/Moonshine) will play Lee Joon Sung, a star football player who was forced to give up on his dream after an incident destroys any hope he has of becoming a professional football player.

After a period of struggling, while experiencing his life disintegrating, he decides to get back up on his feet only to become involved in a kidnapping plot to abduct his friend.

Yoo Seung Ho will be joined by Kim Dong Hwi (Missing 2).

Kim plays the mastermind behind the kidnapping plot, after a crisis he is involved in means he needs to quickly find a fast way out.

The kidnapping victim, Park Min Woo, is played by the last of the three young actors, Yoo Soo Bin (The Ghost Detective/Crash Landing on You). Park’s parents are wealthy, and he is their only son, so he becomes involved in his own abduction plot.

What could go wrong, eh?

As Deal is a Korean drama, all K-drama fans know by now that means a heckuva lot.

Deal is a Wavve original drama, and is being directed by Lee Jung Gon (director of Not Out, for which he also wrote the screenplay).

The drama is currently set to begin filming before the end of the year, with a premiere likely some time in 2023.

We will keep you posted here at Leo Sigh as more news about the upcoming K-drama is released.

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