Ballerina now out on Netflix and it’s a gripping, hard action, fun and, yep, quite short ride

Official Ballerina poster — courtesy Netflix

The new South Korean revenge thriller Ballerina is now out on Netflix and, if you love a fast-paced, hard-action, exciting and very fun ride (and, at 1 hour 32 minutes, short too), this Jeon Jong Seo-led movie is a must watch.

Ballerina is directed by Lee Chung Hyun (The Call), and stars Jeon Jong Seo (Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area), Kim Ji Hoon (Love to Hate You) and Park Yoo Rim (Miraculous Brothers).

It tells the story of Ok Joo (Jeon Jong Seo), a former bodyguard and best friend of ballerina Min Hee (Park Yoo Rim) who has recently passed away.

Upon finding a note left with her late friend’s ballet shoes, Ok Joo is sent on a mission to exact revenge on Choi Pro (Kim Ji Hoon) for her friend’s death , which sets us off watching a fast-paced, high-energy thriller that will take your breath.

A thriller with so many twists and turns (come on, did you watch Lee Chung Hyun’s The Call?) your brain will hurt, and with the reuniting of Money Heist: Korea‘s Jeon Jong Seo and Kim Ji Hoon, a feast for the eyes when it comes to truly beautiful human beings who are also ridiculously kickass.

Ballerina is streaming now on Netflix worldwide.

Check out the thriller’s official trailer below, and you will quickly see just how crazily fast-paced the film is, and just how wild.

The film’s rating, by the way, is an 18+ Restricted — so yep, loads of violence, profanity and other things you may not want your kids to see.


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