Battle for Happiness Ep 10 has HIGHEST ratings yet as drama heads into final stretch

The Korean mystery drama Battle for Happiness, Episode 10 aired last night in South Korea, with the drama earning its highest ratings yet.

Numbers just out from Nielsen Korea show Battle for Happiness, Episode 10 earned 2.25 percent of the audience share.

A 0.28 percent increase over its previous episode, which had already seen an increase before over its previous episode.

In other words, nationwide ratings for Battle for Happiness are increasing with every new episode premiere.

In Seoul, the drama also saw its highest ratings yet, with a 2.73 percent of the audience share, which is 0.40 percent higher than its previous episode.

As online commenters about the drama are saying Battle for Happiness gets better and better with every new episode, its increasing ratings probably are not that surprising.

Where to watch Battle for Happiness?

Battle for Happiness was directed by Kim Yoon Cheol (Woman of Dignity), and is based on screenwriter Joo Young Ha’s book of the same name.

The TV drama stars the superb cast of Lee El, Jin Seo Yeon, Cha Ye Ryun, Park Hyo Joo, and Woo Jung Won.

Unfortunately, Battle for Happiness is not that easy to watch legally outside South Korea as the only streaming service carrying it is Amazon Prime Video, and even there it is only available to “select regions” — mostly in Asia.

Inside South Korea, however, you can watch Battle for Happiness on ENA every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:00 (KST).

The drama’s final episode will air on Thursday, July 20th.


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