Behind Your Touch Ep 10 earns RECORD RATINGS with just 6 episodes to air

Photo courtesy JTBC

After struggling in the ratings for a few episodes, the Korean romantic comedy Behind Your Touch was back with a vengeance last night, with Episode 10 earning record ratings for the Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, and Suho-led drama.

According to Nielsen Korea, Behind Your Touch, Episode 10 grabbed 8.06 percent of the audience share nationwide.

That rating is up from the previous episode’s 6.63 percent, as well as as a nice increase from the drama’s previous highest rating of 7.47 percent.

In Seoul, Behind Your Touch, Episode 10 performed just as well with a record rating of 8.13 percent over its previous episode’s 7.09 percent.

The JTBC drama premiered on August 12th to ratings of just 5.27 percent nationwide and 5.61 percent in Seoul.

While the drama has been able to grab higher audience share’s throughout its run so far, it has still struggled to garner the much higher ratings it deserves.

Especially as fan comments in both South Korea and overseas have been so overwhelmingly positive.

Where to watch Behind Your Touch

With just six episodes of the drama to air, the next episode — Behind Your Touch, Episode 11 — will premiere on Saturday, September 16th on JTBC at 22:30 (KST).

It will also stream via TVING.

Outside Korea, K-drama fans can watch Behind Your Touch via Netflix.

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