Crash Course in Romance Episode 10 earns biggest audience yet – no wonder after that confession, eh?

Choi Chi Yeol lying, telling Nam Haeng Seon he doesn’t love her in Crash Course in Romance, Episode 10

The tvN drama Crash Course in Romance continued to kill it in the audience ratings on Sunday night in Korea, with Crash Course in Romance Episode 10 earning its highest audience ratings yet.

According to Nielsen Korea, Crash Course in Romance Episode 10 earned a 13.5 percent audience share in Korea nationwide, giving the romantic comedy drama its biggest audience since its first episode on January 14th.


In Seoul, Episode 10 of the K-drama did even better, with an almost 16 percent share (15.95 percent) of the audience in its time slot.

Both put the now-hit drama in the number 1 spot in its time slot, with both being huge numbers considering Crash Course in Romance airs on a pay channel, and not on one of Korea’s public television stations.

As I predicted after Saturday’s episode and Choi Chi Yeol (played by Jung Kyung Ho) confessing he was in love with Nam Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon) though, Episode 10 getting its largest audience yet is not a big surprise.

Not when you consider the rom-com has gone from just a 4 percent share of the audience with its first episode, to now a 13.5 percent nationwide.

Word has obviously spread and continued to spread in Korea over the last few weeks about how superb the romance in the drama is, how wonderful all of the characters are, but particularly the two main leads and, of course, what an incredible job every actor in the drama does in bringing the story to life.

Throw in that lovely confession scene in Episode 9, and a huge percentage of the Korean TV audience was obviously dying to know what happens next.

And no, the events of Episode 10 did not disappoint.

The next episode of Crash Course in Romance will air on Saturday night in Korea on tvN, with Netflix airing the Korean drama but still a few episodes behind.

Check out its trailer below.


Michelle Topham