Crash Course in Romance Episode 8 gets highest audience share yet – first in its time slot again

After starting its first episode with just a 4 percent share of the Korean TV audience in its time slot, romantic comedy drama Crash Course in Romance Episode 8 got its highest audience share yet last night, with an almost 12 percent share of the nationwide audience in Korea.

The fabulous rom-com, starring Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho, has obviously caught the attention of Korean audiences in the last few weeks, as word has continued to spread about just how wonderful it is.

From 4 percent nationwide and a 4.3 percent audience share in Seoul for Episode 1, the show has steadily climbed weekly until Sunday night’s Crash Course in Romance Episode 8 achieved an 11.8 percent share of the nationwide audience, and an almost 13.6 percent share in Seoul.

Considering the K-drama airs on pay channel tvN, so will usually have lower audiences than dramas airing on free-to-air TV stations, its rapidly increasing audience is testament to how superb the story is, how fabulous the acting, and how much viewers are beginning to invest in the characters.

And then, of course, tell their friends about them.

Crash Course in Romance Episode 8 was even more satisfying than previous episodes as well last night, as celebrity math instructor Choi Chi Yeol (played by Jung Kyung Ho) is just on the cusp of finally realizing he has feelings for banchan shop owner Nam Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon).

From the short preview of next Saturday’s Episode 9 played at the ending of Crash Course in Romance Episode 8, it looks like Choi Chi Yeol will finally admit that to himself.

Hallelujah, eh?

Crash Course in Romance is airing on tvN in Korea, and on Netflix (which is behind Korea in its episode releases) in select regions outside the country.

If you have not yet begun to watch it, you should, as it is easily the best K-drama of 2023 so far.


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