Destined with You Ep 12 STILL in Top 10 on Netflix but with ALL-TIME LOW ratings in Seoul

Photo courtesy JTBC

With only four episodes left to air before the Netflix drama Destined with You ends on October 12th, it seems there isn’t much chance for the romantic comedy to grab a sizeable audience in its home country of South Korea.

Not if last night’s ratings for Episode 12 are anything to go by.

According to Nielsen Korea, Destined with You, Episode 12 earned all-time low ratings in Seoul, with the drama falling to just 2.09 percent of the audience share.

That is a drop from its previous episode’s 2.39 percent, and a sizeable drop from its highest ever rating in Seoul (3.14 percent for Episode 8 on September 14th).

Nationwide, Destined with You, Episode 12’s ratings rose very slightly from its 2.04 percent rating on Wednesday to last night’s 2.09 percent, which is still a poor rating for a drama airing on JTBC on Wednesday and Thursday night.

International audiences still loving Destined with You

On Netflix, however, Destined with You continues to do well with Flix Patrol reporting it was the 9th most-watched TV show on its platform today.

The Jo Bo Ah/Rowoon-led romantic comedy drama is also still in the Top 5 in countries like Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, GuaItemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, El Salvador and Venezuela.

The next episode of Destined with You will air/stream on October 4th. Let’s see how the drama’s ratings perform then.

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