Destined with You Ep 14 FINALLY manages to get drama OVER 3.0 percent rating for first time

Photo courtesy JTBC

It was a long time in coming (14 episodes to be precise) but the Korean drama Destined with You, Episode 14 finally managed to drag the drama over the 3.00 percent audience share mark in South Korea for the first time tonight.

This after the JTBC drama has hovered somewhere within the mediocre 2.00 percent mark since the rom com’s premiere on August 23rd.

According to Nielsen Korea, however, Thursday night was the night Destined with You managed to heave itself past 3.00 percent nationwide and emerge out at the other side grabbing a 3.07 percent rating.

Sure, it’s not much over the 3.00 percent mark, but at least it got there.

In Seoul, Destined with You, Episode 14 performed even better, grabbing 3.41 percent of the audience, which is the quite substantial increase of 1.15 percent over the rating of 2.26 percent for Episode 13.

The cast and crew of the JTBC drama will be thrilled with tonight’s ratings then.

Especially as the drama is still in the Top 10 on Netflix worldwide (dropped from #5 but still at #7) as well.

Meanwhile, the final two episodes of Destined with You will air next week — October 11th and 12th — on JTBC at 22:30 (KST), and will then stream on Netflix on the same days.

Let’s hope the now over 3.00 percent rating for the Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah-led drama continues to rise, as it would be nice if the rom com finishes on a high note, wouldn’t it?

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