Destined with You Ep 2 ratings FALL as drama hits Netflix Top 10 for August 25th

As I said yesterday, to some extent the success or failure the new Korean drama Destined with You has on Netflix is more important than how well it performs in South Korea.

Thankfully for Destined with You then, while the romantic fantasy drama’s ratings are currently falling with audiences in South Korea, the drama is performing much better with international audiences on Netflix.

At least at the moment.

Destined with You, Episode 2 ratings fall in South Korea

According to Nielsen Korea, Destined with You, Episode 2 ratings dropped substantially nationwide yesterday, with the drama earning a rating of 2.39 percent.

That is a drop of over half a percent compared to the 2.91 percent the drama garnered for its first episode.

In Seoul, Destined with You, Episode 2 saw a similar drop in ratings, with the Rowoon-led drama earning 2.60 percent of the audience compared to its first episode’s 2.93 percent.

Of course, with Episode 1 being slow and pretty dull compared to Episode 2 and  thus likely turning off some viewers, and with 14 more episodes still to air, there is still plenty of time for the drama’s ratings to recover.

Especially if it becomes known the plot of Destined with You improves drastically in Episode 2.

Destined with You and Netflix viewers

Meanwhile, according to Flix Patrol, and with just two episodes of the drama released on the platform so far, Destined with You hit #5 on the Netflix Top TV Shows list for August 25th.

Whether that will hold, or if Netflix viewers will already drop off after watching the first two episodes, we will find out later on in the week.

As it stands at the moment, however, Destined with You is trending on Netflix around the world including in the United States, which is a definite positive.

Destined with You stars Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah and airs on JTBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 (KST), with new episodes arriving on Netflix for international viewers around the same time.


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