Divorce Attorney Shin cast photos released celebrating Ep 12 series finale and success of K-drama

Divorce Attorney Shin cast photos feature all four main actors

The South Korean legal drama Divorce Attorney Shin sadly ended last night (yep, I am a huge fan of the series).

While doing so, it also grabbed its biggest audience in Korea since the drama premiered back on March 9th.

No surprise really, of course.

After all, not only did it feature fabulous performances from every actor in it and one of the best bromances in modern Korean drama history, it also had some stellar music on its soundtrack.


In celebration of the success of Divorce Attorney Shin throughout its run, Korean broadcaster JTBC has released photos of the main cast on their Instagram account, with the heading:

Sacred Divorce (the drama’s title in Korea) delivered in its own way. 
A happy weekend with warmth and laughter ☺
Missing my office family already.

The Divorce Attorney Shin cast photos released are of all four main cast members:

Cho Seung Woo as Shin, Han Hye Jin as Lee Seo Jin, Kim Sung Kyun as Jang Heung Geun, and Jung Moon Sung as Jo Jung Shik. (Check them out above and below)

Photos that show each wonderful main character perfectly.


The broadcaster also uploaded a cute mini video showing all four actors looking happy at how the drama ended. (Well, weren’t we all?)

Enjoy the last Divorce Attorney Shin cast photos above and check out that sweet final video below.

Now fingers crossed JTBC will decide that wonderful bromance between Shin and his friends was so good, we deserve another season, eh?

The final episode (and every other episode) of Divorce Attorney Shin is now streaming on Netflix.

Some regions are a little behind in uploading episodes so be patient as, believe me, it is so worth it.


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