Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 12 ends series with HUGE audience for series finale

The legal drama Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 12 series finale ended up with the biggest audience in the drama’s history last night.

An audience that was almost double the previous episode’s viewership.

Then again, when we were all on the edge of our seats after the end of the previous episode, when it was made obvious Attorney Shin and his friends were going to bat for his nephew, it is no wonder the series finale grabbed so many viewers.

According to Nielsen Korea, Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 12 earned the South Korean drama 9.48 percent of the audience in its time slot nationwide, with an even higher 10.53 percent in Seoul.

That means the drama saw a 4.06 percent increase nationwide from Episode 11, while the drama grabbed 4.75 percent more of the audience in Seoul.

Not surprising for fans of the drama, however.

After all, not only did Divorce Attorney Shin feature interesting court cases, including one involving the attorney’s nephew and his late sister’s mother-in-law, but it also featured a bromance between Shin and his two best friends that is one of the best I have ever seen portrayed in a drama.

From any country.

Sadly for we fans, Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 12 ended the Korean drama’s run last night.

We can only hope JTBC sees the huge increase in viewers and decides a second season would be appropriate.

Because I would love to see another season featuring the hilarious and yet so touching relationship between Shin, Hyeong Geun and Jeong Sik. Wouldn’t you?

You can watch Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 12 via Netflix now.

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