Lim Young Woong gets Jeju Samdasoo brand deal – video heads to half a million views in hours

Screengrab of Lim Young Woong from Jeju Samdasoo’s teaser trailer

Lim Young Woong takes over as Jeju Samdasoo’s new brand representative from singer/actress IU

If you know anything about South Korean trot music, you will know one of its most successful and most popular young stars at the moment is singer Lim Young Woong who, at just 32-years-old, is quite a bit younger than many of the famous trot singers whose careers are now decades old.

This week, as the singer’s career continues to explode with his move into releasing K-pop songs and gorgeous ballads in recent years, it has been announced Lim Young Woong is the new face of the country’s biggest drinking water brand, Jeju Samdasoo (in Korean 제주삼다수).

Prior to Lim Young Woong, the brand had been represented by K-pop singer and actress IU for the last four years but, in the last couple of years, it has experienced falling sales causing the company to change direction.

Along with the announcement, a teaser video was uploaded to the company’s official YouTube account titled ‘A meeting between Jeju Samdasoo and Lim Young-woong!‘.

The promo video announced a full commercial will be out next Thursday, March 21st, 2024.

As the short Lim Young Woong teaser trailer has already grabbed almost half a million views in less than 24 hours, one can only guess how many the actual commercial will earn.

Why did Jeju Samdasoo choose Lim Young Woong?

While Lim Young Woong (Korean name 임영웅) has been grabbing all the accolades as a trot singer, he is also a fine ballad and K-pop singer as well, and that means he is now appealing to all generations.

He is also very well-respected throughout South Korea, not only as a singer, but as a person.

As a representative of Jeju Samdasoo explained their decision:

Lim, with his signature delicate and heart-warming voice, as well as his numerous public activities in support of local communities, garners love from all ages and genders.

Lim, by the way, is also known for his various large donations to charities, including to the Fruit of Love Social Welfare Community Chest to help the victims of a recent wildfire that devasted a huge amount of land, and to several charities that provide services for children who have pediatric cancer, leukemia, and incurable diseases.

Easy to see why Jeju Samdasoo thought Lim Young Woong would be the perfect person to help promote their drinking water, isn’t it?

Check out Lim Young Woong’s Jeju Samdasoo teaser trailer, and make sure you head to their YouTube channel next Thursday, when the full commercial will be out.

Below that you will also find Lim’s music video for his song ‘Love Letter‘. And yes, his voice is stunningly gorgeous.


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