Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 9 ratings lower than last episode but still doing well

Nielsen Korea released the Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 9 ratings earlier today and, while they have fallen half a percentage point from the ratings for last Sunday’s episode, the legal drama is still doing well.

Especially as the drama airs on JTBC, a pay TV network in Korea, so not usually watched by as many people as typically watch a public TV station.

The Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 9 ratings came in at 6.0 percent nationwide, which is a drop of .7 percent from last week’s episode.

In Seoul, the drama did better earning 6.9 percent, a fall of .6 percent from last week’s 7.5 percent.

The entire run of Divorce Attorney Shin has been up and down right from its first episode, however, with the legal drama dropping as much as 2.5 percentage points one episode, only to rise by 2 percentage points an episode later.

From its very first episode though, Divorce Attorney Shin has been a little difficult to put in a category.

It isn’t a legal drama in the true sense of the word, as an extremely small amount of time per episode is actually spent on the law. It also doesn’t feature much romance, so it cannot be shoved into the romantic drama category.

Instead, it is more of a slice-of-life drama, as it follows three lifelong friends, the people they work with, the people whose businesses they frequent, their clients and, oh yes, a mystery in that Attorney Shin is desperate to find out how his sister died.

All in all, without the drama being able to be placed in one category, I think Divorce Attorney Shin leaves a sizable number of people confused.

Although, honestly, it really shouldn’t.

Instead, viewers should be enjoying the superb writing, the fun plot, the belly-laugh comedy, the touching moments and, of course, the utterly superb performances from every character but especially Cho Seung Woo, Kim Sung Kyun, and Jung Moon Sung whose bromance as the three close friends is wonderful.

Divorce Attorney Shin has just three episodes to go before this season ends, with its next episode airing later on today on JTBC in Korea and via Netflix outside the country.

Fingers crossed it will receive an even larger audience thanDivorce Attorney Shin, Episode 9 ratings showed, as this one is one of my faves of the year so far.


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