Flex X Cop Ep 3 earns solid ratings and grabs personal best in Seoul

Photo of Ahn Bo Hyun in Flex X Cop courtesy SBS

Flex X Cop, Episode 3 continued the Korean drama’s strong ratings in South Korea tonight with a similar nationwide rating to its previous episode.

That rating was 6.6 percent, which was only slightly down from Episode 2’s personal best rating of 6.9 percent.


In Seoul, however, the K-drama performed even better grabbing 7.2 percent of the viewership, which is both a slight increase from Episode 2’s 7.0 percent and the drama’s highest rating yet in Seoul.

The ratings are even more admirable considering Flex X Cop airs on SBS in the same time slot as its MBC rival drama Knight Flower, which saw a ratings rise with its latest episode and was the most-watched show on Korean TV on Friday night.

Flex X Cop stars Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun, and is also being favorably rated and reviewed by international viewers both on My Drama List (currently 8.2 out of 10), and on IMDB (8.1 out of 10).

The Korean drama is currently streaming on Disney Plus, where it is in the Top 10 in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and its home country of South Korea.