Goodbye Earth hits Netflix Top 10 just 3 days after it premieres

Despite Netflix kowtowing to pressure from South Korean authorities due to actor Yoo Ah In’s ongoing drug case, and so massively editing Goodbye Earth to remove many of his scenes, the apocalyptic drama still premiered at #9 on the Netflix Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart.

According to Netflix’s Tudum, Goodbye Earth hit #9 on the chart, as the K-drama earned 1.9 million views, and was watched for a total of 17.7 million hours last week — (period between April 22nd to April 28th).

All of that occurred within the first three days of the Korean drama’s release, likely meaning Goodbye Earth will have climbed higher up the Netflix Top 10 chart when this week’s data is released next Tuesday.

Goodbye Earth in Top 10 in South Korea

Along with those numbers, Goodbye Earth was also in the Top 10 in 22 countries — all of which were in either North and South America or Asia.

One of those was Yoo Ah In’s home country of South Korea proving, while authorities may disapprove of the actor’s alleged drug use, a substantial number of South Koreans aren’t going to let that stop them from enjoying his superb performances.

Goodbye Earth stars Yoo Ah In, Ahn Eun Jin, Jeon Sung Woo and Kim Yoon Hye.

The Korean dystopian drama premiered on April 26th, after being postponed from its planned release late last year due to Netflix deciding to edit out some of Yoo Ah In’s scenes.

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