Goodbye Earth trailer spotlights Ahn Eun Jin but doesn’t feature lover Yoo Ah In – come on Netflix, don’t be cowards

Goodbye Earth trailer shows realistic way some people with 200 days to live would behave

The first full-length trailer for the upcoming Netflix K-drama Goodbye Earth is now out and, as you might expect if you know it’s a pre-apocalyptic drama, it shows humanity pretty much at its worst — and its best.

Although, like many of us experienced during the Covid panic, worst often overshadows best when it comes to people. By umpteen magnitudes.

That seems to be the case here, as people loot stores, start fires, attack or murder other people, while those who haven’t descended to the worst characteristics of humanity try to defend everyone else.

In other words, the Goodbye Earth trailer shows a pretty realistic way the scumbags of society would behave if we suddenly only had 200 days to live.

Besides that, though, the K-drama’s new trailer also throws a spotlight on one of the main characters — Jin Se Kyung.

First Goodbye Earth trailer revolves around Ahn Eun Jin’s story

Jin Se Kyung, played by the superb Korean actress Ahn Eun Jin (My Dearest), is the main character featured in the new Goodbye Earth trailer the most as she struggles to take care of the children around her, while the world is likely coming to an end

And then as she decides she wants to punish some of the lowlifes in society targeting them.

After all, with the world ending in less than 200 days, what does she have to lose?

But where is Yoo Ah In?

Interestingly, however, while we see many different scenes of Ahn Eun Jin‘s emotional interactions with others (and she is a wonderful actress, and the K-drama looks cool), we notably don’t see any interactions with her lover Ha Yoon Sang (played by Yoo Ah In), a researcher at a biotechnology research institute.

In some respects, that seems to show cowardice on the behalf of Netflix, who recently decided to go ahead and release Goodbye Earth worldwide, while one of the drama’s lead actors Yoo Ah In is still in the midst of a drug trial in South Korea.

But who, with this trailer at least, is acting like he doesn’t exist.

With that in mind then, in my opinion, Netflix should either shit or get off the pot.

In other words, either promote Yoo Ah In, and the stellar work he has likely done in Goodbye Earth, or don’t release the drama at all, as it’s a shame to be tiptoeing around the actor’s obviously important character just so you don’t “offend” some people in Korea.

Especially as the drama is being released internationally and, other than a handful of die-hard K-drama fans, few outside Korea will even know (or care) that Yoo Ah In was charged with illegal drug use.

I will, however, take that criticism back if, after this first Goodbye Earth trailer spotlighting Ahn Eun Jin and her character Jin Se Kyung, we get another trailer spotlighting Yoo Ah In and his character Ha Yoon Sang.

If not, color me pissed, and much less likely to watch Goodbye Earth when the Korean drama premieres on Netflix on April 26th as, more than anything else, I really cannot stand cowards.

Watch the first full-length Goodbye Trailer below, and take a note of what looks like the superb performance of Ahn Eun Jin. Then see if you can find even a peep of Yoo Ah In.

I bet you can’t.

Special note: Again, I’m not condoning Yoo Ah In’s alleged illegal drug use as, frankly, I think anyone who uses illegal drugs should have probably made a better decision. But.. I don’t base liking an actor or their work on what they do in their personal life. If I did, I probably wouldn’t like most of them.

Fingers crossed then he shows up in a Goodbye Earth trailer soon.


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