Goryeo–Khitan War Ep 3 ratings drop on TV but #2 most-watched series on Netflix in Korea

Photo courtesy KBS2

While the ratings for Goryeo–Khitan War, Episode 3 (aka Korea-Khitan War) dropped on Korean TV last night, the historical drama is still performing very well on Netflix in the same region.

According to Nielsen Korea, Goryeo–Khitan War, Episode 3 earned 5.2 percent of the audience share.

That rating is a drop from last week’s 6.8 percent but still a solid rating considering the drama aired against both the series finale of My Dearest and the latest episode of Castaway Diva.

In Seoul, the KBS2 historical drama earned 5.1 percent of the audience share, which is a drop of 1.0 percent from Episode 2’s highest rating of the series so far of 6.8 percent.

Goryeo–Khitan War performing very well on Netflix

That being said, on Netflix where Goryeo–Khitan War is also streaming in South Korea, according to Flix Patrol the same episode helped the historical drama become the #2 most-watched show on the streaming platform yesterday.

Only falling behind fellow K-drama Daily Dose of Sunshine, which grabbed the #1 spot.

Meanwhile, there is still no word on whether Netflix will be offering access to Goryeo–Khitan War for those of us outside Korea and the small number of Asian countries that can currently watch it on the streaming platform, but we can only hope.

Especially as the epic drama is not only performing well just three episodes in, but it also has 29 more episodes to air.

Yep, this one is a long one!

Goryeo–Khitan War (aka Korea-Khitan War) stars Kim Dong Jun as King Hyeonjong of Goryeo, Ji Seung Hyun as Yang Gyu, and Choi Soo Jong as Gang Gam Chan.

It airs on KBS2 every Saturday and Sunday at 21:25 (KST), which means the K-drama’s next episode will be out later on today.


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